Tuesday, December 22, 2009

There's something about snow!

It's snowing outside! Just minus 10 degs. The kind of big cottony snow. This is the perfect snow for me. Light and not watery at all. And like a kid, I love lying on the snow covered ground waiting for the fresh snow to drop into my open mouth. It feels freeing, innocent, calm and peaceful. There's something about snow!

When I was a kid growing up in Manila, I didn't really pay so much attention to the snowed out designs on the windows of shopping malls. Seriously! Snow? In Manila? Its just insane. And yet, we kept singing... "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...."

This is now my 8th winter in Finland. And I think, I am liking the snow. It kinda gives the Christmas feel. I dunno if its beause of the snowed out mall windows.... hahaha.... but really, snow just makes everything, everywhere beautiful! Now I see my window edges getting filled with real snow! Just like at the mall. :)

I wouldn't complain about the 3 layers of clothes I have to put on so I could go out in the snow. I wouldn't complain how the bitching cold air would freeze whats inside my nose. I wouldn't complain about the "biting cold" that really bites your face!
But all I am saying is that I am growing accustomed to the snow. That I am liking snow! I even have my prefered snow now. Because seriously, there's something about snow!

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