Saturday, December 29, 2007

To eat or not to eat

And so it was Christmas once again. But this time, it was our Christmas tree and dinner with friends, in our home. The last 3 Christmases we had, was celebrated at Toni's grannys place. But since we moved to the new place this year, we kinda thought it would be nice to actually have our own Christmas shindig at home.
So I cured the ham, just like how purefoods fiesta ham should be, stuffed and roasted the chicken with really good bread crumbs and pine nuts and rosemary, etc.... made some chocolat au pots, and made some macaroni salad. Mmmm, yummy, Maricel made the Tiramisu before she left for Slovenia. Michael brought the cured salmon and the champagne while Petra and Aylwin brought some more salad, smoked salmon and the delicious home made lemon meringue pie. With red wine and good company, it was all I want for Christmas.

Once again, the smiles on the kids faces was so priceless when they open their gifts. This is so true in the case of Nico, Sophia and Ria. And even us adults gets giddy and excited about unwrapping those glittery presents in all size and shapes with all the trimmings and bows and ribbons in all shades.

But whats really special for me this year, is that I get to buy a real Christmas tree and decorate it myself. Of course with the help of Ria and Toni. And its really satisfying to actually be able to say that we did it ourselves.

As we reflect to all the good things (ok, and the bad as well) we had this year, a toast is in order. Cheers everyone!

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