Tuesday, September 30, 2008


(Picture taken at Ate Barlie's lovely home in Valkeakoski. End of summer 2008)

I don't wanna pre-empt it, but Toni is now looking for flight tickets for me and Ria to spend Christmas in the Philippines!!! Getting excited. yipee. Hei, to you who are in Manila, do not expect "pasalubong" from me. I just started working and I have no money to spend for gifts. I just want to come home, relax, eat my moms home cooked meals, and maybe visit my Boss/Friend Janet in the island of Palawan. And if I have extra money, then maybe visit Boracay with Pearl. NYAHAHAHA. Di pa man, nagkukuripot na. But of course, I would like to see you all. Maybe for a gimmik or something.

And I would want to attend my alumni reunion. I think its my sister's batch thats hosting this years reunion. Well, viva St. Anthony!!!

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