Sunday, April 13, 2008


Photo taken at Pappankappaka. March 29, 2008

”Seven year itch”, that’s what they call it, after you’ve been married for 7 years to the same person. It’s a supposed phenomenon when one’s eye begins to wander outside of marriage. Or when both partners may want to have alone time from each other.

Toni and I celebrated our 7th year anniversary as a couple a few weeks ago. As known to many, we have yet to tie the knot. And yes we have talked about it, and yes I got my diamond engagement ring, and yes, we already bought the wedding bands… from Dubai!!!

So do you think we are affected by the “7 year itch”? I don’t have any idea. None at all. We still bicker the same way, we still argue the same intensity and we still want to be together as much as we can. I’d say we owe it to the fact that even though we share the same circle of friends (well his friends are all my friends first anyway J ), we have some things that we do, that doesn’t involve the other. We can have fun separately, and have much more fun together. Usually a quiet evening watching TV, or eating out, or a night in town, does the trick.

This year, Toni chose the movie to watch and the resto to eat. Funny though, he thought that the movie 10,000 BC will be a gladiator kind of movie. It turned out to be a chick flick! It was ok. I mean the movie wasn’t great, but it is definitely not bad. But not for him, it wasn’t what he expected. The resto we went to was called Hella ja Huone (Stove and Room). I had the fennel soup, veal and shared a chocolate cake with Toni. He had ox tongue for starters and duck for mains. I can’t complain about the quality of the food. It was good. But for the price, it was not at par. Come on, I have spent almost 1/3 of my life working in the restaurant business. I know what I am talking about! I think it’s too pretentious. Too expensive. The place and the food. But our server knows what he’s doing. Which is cool. He’s the one who ran the show. And in Finland, you don’t usually get that good of a service. And the wine was absolutely gorgeous.

But, I know for sure, I will never go back to that place again. Next time, I will choose the movie, and I will choose the resto.

As for the itch, the only thing itching right now is my hand itching to grab for a chocolate cake. Hmmm… J

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