Friday, October 31, 2008


(Taken at my pre-birthday party 2008)

Another friend I have been really close to is leaving Finland today! This is getting so tiresome. Building a good friendship is very difficult in a place where everyone speaks a foreign language. But once you have found that person who shares your values, it seems like hitting the jackpot. This one person that can sit right next to you, not say a word, and still feel close to. This one person who deeply cares and is always ready to help you no matter what. This one person you care so much about that her dreams are your dreams and her problems are yours to solve. This one person is not just a friend but a family!

As of this writing, shes probably drinking her last Finnish Coffee (for now), probably packing the last of her clothes, and just mentally preparing herself for that long road trip across 4 or more countries to get to Madrid.

(Taken at the Erotic Party Oct. 25th, 2008)

Its not going to be easy letting go. Am sure most of us have difficulties with that! But with it, comes maturity. And I could only be happy for Estela to be nearer to her real family, to be on familiar grounds, and to find herself with the help of her love ones. Salud to you my friend. And to Mikko too, for making that great move (didn't need much convincing there รถ)

Till we meet again!

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