Friday, April 4, 2008

A man, pregnant???!!!!

Yes folks. Those questions lingering in your heads are the same as whats in my slightly smaller brain.


Actually this title is just to gain attention and media frenzy. I hate to break your hearts, but Thomas Beatie used to be and technically, is still a FEMALE. Though legally a MALE. So on this blog, I will refer to Thomas as "he"/"him".

He grew up in Hawaii as a female but had a surgery (breast reduction) done. He said in one article though, that his reproduction organs are still in tact. And has since taken tostesterones, gotten married and dreamt of having a baby. After finding out that his wife Nancy, could not bear children any longer (she's got two kids from prior marriage), Thomas opted to take on the responsibility of carrying the baby in his normal functioning reproductive system via artificial insemination.

This wasn't a walk in the park mind you. They were turned down by a couple of doctors before they found someone who would accomodate them. And the first pregnancy had to be aborted for it was ectopic, and could have taken his life.

One thing that's bothersome and is the question behind all these frenzy, is that he has been known to be a MAN most of his adult life, that people, friends and acquaintances of the couple doesn't even know about his past. So they think that this is just a hoax or somekind of a nasty joke, or a "miracle" (and I mean biblical miracle here).

If I put my two cents here, I wouldn't even know where to begin. Yeah sure, in some states, its acceptable for two females or two males to get married, not to mention acceptance of the alternatives. Lets get past that, Conservatives and Moralist! And once you have looked beyond the physical attributes of Thomas, the fact still remains that he is just a woman whose finally pregnant.

Thumbs-up goes to their neighbors in Oregon, who refused to comment out of respest for this couple and their kids. Although the couple already guested on Oprah and even welcomed the people into their home, they still deserve privacy, as they are afterall private people.

Transgender aside, I salute Thomas' stand on bringing a child into this world, natural way or not. Motherhood, well, in his case Mother/Fatherhood, is a gift from God.

We may have a moral obligation towards same sex marriage, but hey, who are we to condemn a woman just because of practicing her right to bear a child?

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