Thursday, April 3, 2008


Like most Filipinos, I am also engrossed in the reality TV shows. And recently I’ve been glued to my television set waiting religiously for American Idol. Well, not me, but my digibox recorder. AI unfortunately is telecast here in Finland delayed by 2 weeks. So basically I’ve already seen it on before it hits the Finnish televisions.

And today, I was heartbroken to have found out that our Fil-Am bet was eliminated. Yes friends, I admit, I shed some tears upon learning this. A few seasons ago, there was also a Fil-Am competitor Jasmine Trias, who eventhough didn’t win the title, went on to making albums of her own. But the impact with Ramielle Malubay’s elimination was great on me, maybe because she looks more Filipina than Jasmine, and because this time, I have access to AI 24/7, time zone aside.

If there was something I could do to make her win, I will definitely have done that. And I have sent a couple of emails to my US based friends campaigning for this girl. It was just not enough. I am certain that she was not the worst singer in the competition. May not be the best either. But she was definitely good.

Oh well, she will be on AI tour anyway. Who knows, she might make her own albums too. I’m just glad my other favorites are still in. Cook and Brooke.

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