Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Salud!

I have been delaying writing since the beginning of this year, for so many not so good things have been happening one after the other. Though a lot of exciting positive events balanced it out. And yes, Toni and I finally tied the knot last May.

But I will say, one of the biggest blows this year is when one of my most trusted friend had to leave for Spain, yet again!!!

It probably has something to do with Spain conquering the Philippines for over three hundred years, that I find myself getting along with most Spanish peeps. You see, I have similar values with them. But even after so many years of independence from the Spanish conquistadors, they still give me heartaches!!!! :)

My business partner, my confidante, my wedding organizer, my true friend, and most of all, my soul sistah!

(taken on my wedding day with Gosia and Rocio)

Although she told me that they are planning on leaving if Jaakko finds a job in Spain, I can never be prepared for when that day comes. I didn't cry for losing my business partner! I cried for losing that one person who reads me like the back of her hand. Don't get me wrong, I am not upset that she left me. I am just sad that she had to leave. No, make that really sad! It is getting more and more difficult to find that someone whom you can rely on. Whom you know doesn't judge you. Who actually accepts you for who you are. And whom you know you feel the same way to.

I still couldn't bring myself to call her, for I know I will cry! I miss her everyday, and I miss her effectious smile! But hopefully, I can call her soon.

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