Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Turning Japanese

Choosing everyday meals for the family is turning out to be a job! Especially when you have made a couple of good meals in a row, members of the family, big and small, expects that you will top the previous meals. 

Having said that, I strongly believe that Japanese food is the simplest way of wowing anyone who would sit at your dining table. Clean flavours, uncomplicated processes, fresh and its up to you if you want to get filled or not.

So one night, I made Chicken katsu. It basically means 'cutlets'. This is an original Portuguese dish, brought to Japan, and twisted (in this case pounded) to cater to the Japanese palate.

* Chicken breasts, sliced thinly, wrapped in cling film, pounded.
* Dabbed with cornstarch (I added garlic powder in mine), dipped in whisked egg, then breaded with panko and sesame seeds mixture.
* Pan fried, no need to deep fry.

Served with heated soy sauce, mirin and teriyaki sauce mixture.

Eaten with steamed rice and a bowl of miso soup.

On another night, as I was busy working from home, I didn't really have time to cook. So I asked my lovely husband to grab fresh salmon (caught the same day) and chicken pieces.
Salmon was served as sashimi. 

* Sliced thinly, dipped in Japanese soy sauce with wasabi and a squirt of lemon. - from Wikipedia:  A reputed motivation for serving wasabi with sashimi (and also gari, pickled ginger), besides its flavor, is killing harmful bacteria and parasites that could be present in raw seafood.[1]

Chicken pieces, marinated in yakitori soy sauce and and then fried in oil.

Result? A happy girl!

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